Lowsley Sketch

Confidential File on Agent L

Daniel Lowsley

Identification Number
Taken from United Kingdom NIC (National Identity Card): BAJC 42/1

Age Race Weight Height
19 White 134 lbs 5’9"

Criminal {See Criminal Record}
Journalist for Beyond the Veil periodical

Military Training
None. Proficient with handguns {See Criminal Record}

Known Associates
Baxter Tremont {See Criminal Record}
Professor Liam Kines {See Education}
Abbess Melinda Neutzling {See Youth}

Orphaned, parents unknown. Taken in and raised by nuns of Church of England on Canal Street, Manchester UK. Melinda Neutzling presiding Abbess of the Church; has documentation on initial education: mostly religious training. Lowsley left CoE at age eleven and lived on the streets until age seventeen. Worked for Baxter Tremont during majority of time on the streets. Reports to have seen a vampire early on and chased a “ghastly looking creature, transparent as though made from a gossamer cloth. I do believe the visage that floated before my eyes was a ghost or wraith, though it seemed incapable of communicating or harming, at least in its present form.” Possible use of arcane powers indicated by disreputable reports (composed mostly of other homeless children) and from journal entries, where Lowsley claims to have “manifested some arcane power for but a moment, a fleeting example of a power beyond my earthly ken.”

Criminal Record
From approximately age twelve to age eighteen, Lowsley engaged in criminal activities with Baxter Tremont, known thief and thug. Tremont also suspected of bank robbery and murder. Lowsley’s known criminal activities include theft of property, forgery, blackmail, counterfeiting, extortion, and armed assault. Lowsley’s preferred appears weapon to be a Colt 1911 pistol; not commonly available in England, suggesting Tremont’s connections are substantial. Suspected by Manchester police department. Known alias in England include Hans Kline, Charles Fennyman, and Trevor Bell.

Age seventeen, Lowsley sent to steal a valuable book {suspected the artifact was related to occult} from Professor Liam Kines, notable historian teaching at the University of Oxford. Failed to complete job, which started a falling out with Tremont, however Lowsley began a relationship with Kines that they continued through postal correspondence. At age eighteen, Lowsley left Tremont and lived near Oxford, studying unofficially under the professor. Kines has commented that Trevor Bell (he is unaware of Lowsley’s true identity) is “one of my most gifted students, though he seems to have a habit of getting himself in trouble. Never the less, Mr. Bell is brilliant with history, able to remember even the smallest detail with a precision I find uncanny. He takes a particular interest in folklore and superstition, a subject I have encouraged him to explore. To that end, he has taken on a job working as a journalist for an occult magazine; certainly not a reputable source, but an excellent opportunity for him to explore long-forgotten history in a more localized fashion.”

Lowsley is driven to find proof of the supernatural. Exploit that interest for maximum efficiency. Consider undermining Beyond the Veil periodical if information becomes too accurate and widely believed. Capable with a gun, largely non-confrontational and prone to disappearing, Lowsley is adept at misdirection and subterfuge. Excellent for undercover assignments deep in enemy lines. Classification for Division 7: Support specialist.

Lowsley Sketch

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